Aerodyn Ltd Apprentice News!

Published: October 12, 2016

Aerodyn Ltd is proud of its apprentices and their continued success with their qualifications.  Read about 2 of our apprentices’ recent achievements and what they are moving on to next with their studies…

Abby Wagstaff & Abigail Davis

Abigail Davis

“Last semester, I completed my EAL Level 2 Diploma in Engineering Technology in conjunction with a Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations. These qualifications took just under a year to obtain and have given me a strong foundation to continue to build my career at Aerodyn Ltd.  Throughout the duration of these courses, the turning and milling assignments interested me the most.  These were the most relevant aspects of the course to my job description and have in turn made me into a more capable and increasingly aware machinist.  The only particularly challenging part of the course was manually filing a datum square in fabrication and fitting tasks.  Often it took me more than one college session, it was infuriating but incredibly satisfying on completion.
This semester I am embarking on an Advanced Level 3 Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Pathway) as well as starting my Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations.  The most exciting aspect of this course is the prospect of learning about and operating CNC machinery, in particular learning about G code. Undertaking the course that supports my apprenticeship here at Aerodyn Ltd to me is a continued endeavour to progress my understanding and knowledge of manufacturing techniques.  It allows me to apply new found skills to my every day work and this gives me a great sense of fulfilment.”

Abby Wagstaff

“As part of my employment at Aerodyn Ltd, I was required to undertake qualifications relating to my role as an instrumentation technician.  I attended Learning Unlimited in Derby to complete a level 2 technical certificate in Engineering, alongside this I also completed an NVQ level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations.  The technical certificate took approximately 10 months to complete and my NVQ took approximately 8 months.  I enjoyed all aspects of the course but particularly the electrical and electronic units.  Myself and Abbie were set the task to assemble the circuit for a circumferential traverse and machine the enclosure as required to suit the layout of the circuit.  I found this task particularly rewarding as it was good to put the theory I had learnt into practice and make the traverse operate fully and safely.  Out of all the units I found the machining side to be most challenging as this is not something I do on a day to day basis.  However, using the machines at college and at work as part of my NVQ has built up my confidence and I feel I am more capable now when operating machinery.  I have just started a BTEC level 3 diploma in Engineering (Electrical Bias) and an NVQ in Electrical and Electronic Engineering level 3. These qualifications should take 2 years to complete.”


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