Aerodyn Capability Spotlight – Testing

Published: November 6, 2020

Aerodyn’s Testing and Technology Center is a purpose built 24,000 sq. ft. test facility based in Whitestown, IN in the U.S.A. The test facility has been serving customers in the Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Marine, Industrial and Automotive sectors successfully for the last decade.


Aerodyn have 11 test cells where we can supply up to 7 kg/s of continuous mass flow at temperatures up to 900°C. Other salient features include 4 natural gas compressors up to 200 psi, 4 water carts with flow capabilities of 900 gpm at 75 psi, 4 oil supply systems with flow capabilities of 40 gpm at 80 psi, and 2 Mw heat rejection capability. These test cells can be used for LCF / Durability Testing of Turbo Chargers, Turbocharger Performance Mapping, Pressure Cycling (EGR, CAC), Burst and Containment Testing, Pressure Testing, Performance Mapping of Pumps, Flow and Leakage Testing, Bellows Testing, Manifold Testing, and Performance Measurement with Dyno.

Other testing we perform at the facility:

Hot and Cold High Speed Spin Testing – for test rotating data systems to validate them prior to engine installation. It is typical to do a spin test of large slip ring or telemetry systems prior to delivery that include speed, temperature, and data quality checks.

Vibration Testing – for airfoil calibration and fatigue testing, sensor durability and modal analysis testing

Abradable Coating Testing – used to evaluate Turbine and Compressor abradable coatings at speeds up to 410 m/s

Flow Calibration – aerodynamic calibration of rakes and probes at various Mach numbers up to Mn 0.9



Aerodyn are unique in the depth of our capabilities and our ability to offer complete, turnkey solutions for our customers’ projects. The result is projects that are executed correctly, on time, and within budget. We are an engineering intensive organization and we are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations for response, versatility and quality.

Our business ethos is simple. We supply customers with the highest quality service and support available in the market. We work very closely with our customers to understand their requirements and expectations, and make sure we meet and exceed them. A measure of our success is that we are very proud of the high percentage of repeat customers that we continue to do business with.

For more information on our Testing Services, please contact us.


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