Instrumentation Products

Aerodyn Engineering Inc. provides design, fabrication, and installation of sensors to meet the most challenging applications. We routinely design for harsh environments with high levels of temperature, pressure, and vibration.

A partial listing of our instrumentation capabilities are:

  • Strain Gage Application – low and high temperature, dynamic and static
  • Temperature Sensors – thermocouples, thermistors, and RTDs
  • Pressure Sensors – dynamic and static
  • Rake and Probe Assemblies – AEI design or build to print
  • Custom Force Transducers – bearing thrust, shaft torque, shaft bending
  • Rotating Sensors – strain, temperature, pressure, and acceleration up to 400,000 Gs
  • Airfoil Sensors – leading edge and embedded
  • Vibration – accelerometers, proximity sensors
  • Tip Clearance Sensors – capacitive, DC, and dynamic
  • Slip Ring Systems – hardware and installation design
  • Telemetry Systems – design, fabrication, and calibration
  • Spin Test Capability – proof and performance verification

AEI can define, design, and machine modifications to engine hardware required for sensor installation and lead wire routing paths. We can assist with engine assembly, wire routing, and termination of sensors, either at our facility or on-site. As we also provide data acquisition services, we have a complete system approach to instrumentation and test. We anticipate the needs and requirements of the entire project, ultimately benefiting the customer.

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