Defense and Surveillance Slip Rings

Aerodyn slip rings are used for various mission critical defense and surveillance applications

Aerodyn have a strong portfolio of custom designed slip rings for industrial and defenseoperational platforms. Theseslip rings are designed, analysed, manufactured, and assembled to meet the most demanding requirements. Our slip rings also undergo rigorous environmental and acceptance testing to ensure they can withstand the most demanding operating environments.

Operational Surveillance Slip Rings

  • Gold on Gold Technology
  • Power
  • Signals
  • Gb Ethernet
  • HD-Video
  • RF

Radar Slip Rings

  • DC power
  • Resolver signals
  • RS422 Data Bus Comms
  • Fully connectorized
  • Thru-bore provision for 2-ch RF Rotating Joint

Rotating Base Junction (RBJ) Slip Rings:

  • Co-axial Slip Ring Modules (signals on inner module, power on outer module)
  • Power, Ethernet and Discretes
  • Data Bus Comms
  • Bulkhead and Cable Mount Connectors
  • >IP66

Satellite on the Move Slip Rings:

  • 6-way Pancake Style Slip Ring
  • Gold-on-gold contacts
  • Metal enclosure to maintain EMC requirements
  • DC Power and signals
  • Tight space envelope with low height
  • Thru-bore for RF Joint
  • Reduced weight for airborne application
  • Multiple units delivered and in-service

Air DefenSe Radar – Hybrid Slip Ring Rotating Joint

  • 175 way slip ring
  • High power AC and DC
  • Serial comms and Gb Ethernet
  • Optical encoder
  • 20 channels Fibre Optic Rotating Joint (FORJ)
  • 2 Channel Fluid Media Joint
  • 1 Channel Air
  • Environmental qualification

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