Aerodyn First to Implement Revolutionary Machining Technology

Published: December 4, 2020

“Blue Arc™ cuts hard to machine alloys like a hot knife slicing through butter”

Blue Arc™ Machining technology is the latest cutting edge capability Aerodyn will be offering to our customers.  Blue Arc™ was originally developed by GE Global Research several years ago addressing the high cost of machining exotic aerospace alloys and other hard to machine materials.  This machining technology is a high speed electro-erosion process aimed at rough machining those components that have a large volumetric material removal requirement and, consequently,  both high machining time and perishable tooling cost.  Blue Arc™ can reduce traditional rough machining times by 5 to 7x and save up to 80% on perishable tooling costs.

Aerodyn are proud to be the first non-GE company to have this technology.  The machine is based on the popular Mitsui Seiki HW63—TD 5-axis machining center platform.  Mitsui Seiki partnered with GE in bringing Blue Arc™ from the lab to the production floor.  Aerodyn look forward to offering this technology to all of our customers, as well as Mitsui Seiki machine prospects for tests and trials.  This particular machine platform is a hybrid machine and has the ability to perform both Blue Arc™ roughing and conventional finish machining.

Aerodyn have already planned several specific customer trials for the Blue Arc™ machine.  If you would like to learn more about how Blue Arc™ could reduce the cost of machining hard to machine alloys, please contact us.


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