Aerodyn Capability Spotlight – Design

Published: November 27, 2020

Aerodyn offer complete instrumentation design support, from defining instrumentation requirements, concept and detail design including component rework, sensor application, sensor installation, to lead-out and routing definition. We work closely with customers to understand their requirements and work through a structured design process including gated design reviews.

Our Design teams are proficient in the use of several CAD and FEA packages including Siemens NX, SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS and GageMap.

Instrumentation & Lead-out and Routing Design

Aerodyn are highly experienced in the design of sensor application, sensor installation and lead-out and routing for instrumentation such as Pressure Sensors (Static and Dynamic), Strain Gages, Thermocouples, UCTS and Tip Clearance probes for a wide range of rotating and static engine hardware. We are used to designing for extreme temperature and pressure environments.

Incorporating instrumentation lead-out into customers’ existing or new product designs can be incredibly challenging. Our first objective is to understand the measurement requirements and assess the possibilities regarding the numbers and types of sensors that might be needed. We would also consider the geometry of the customer’s hardware and assess whether, or not, there is sufficient space to install and lead-out the instrumentation.

Aerodyn designers have many years’ experience of planning lead-out routes, defining reworks and sealing requirements on a range of components and assemblies, considering factors such as operating conditions, but also build sequence and access on assembly.

Our recent projects include:

  • a 10-stage gas turbine compressor rotor featuring strain gages, blisks, welded drums and both axial and circumferential blades.
  • an 18-stage industrial gas turbine compressor with static instrumentation such as compressor vane leading edge temperatures and pressures and strain gages.
  • a 2-stage HP turbine featuring high temperature strain gages on blades and discs.
  • an industrial gas turbine rotor featuring strain gages and metal temperature, air temperature and pressure measurements across both the compressor and turbine.

Rakes and Probes

Aerodyn have many years of experience producing rakes and probes for use in wind tunnels, gas turbines, steam turbines, test rigs and other types of turbomachinery.

Aerodyn can design and manufacture pressure and/or temperature rakes for measuring engine performance. Each rake is fitted with several sensors (which are mounted in dynamic recovery kiels) and can be fitted upstream, downstream or between stages of gas-generator turbines and compressors. They can also be fitted in the bypass ducts of Turbofan aero engines. Hence, there is a huge variation in size (typical lengths vary from 13mm to 500mm) and there is a large variation in operating temperatures (typically 0°C to 2000°C).

Many probes have sensors that perform the same function as those installed in rakes (Temperature Measurement, Pressure Measurement and Gas Sampling). Aerodyn can also design and manufacture probes that can determine flow Total Pressure, Static Pressure, Speed and Direction.

Aerodyn have well-established design procedures that ensure that rakes and probes are safe to be installed and ran in a customer’s engine or test rig. We use various analysis tools to help predict the mechanical behavior of rakes and probes, as well as perform calculations to verify each design.


Vane Leading Edge Instrumentation

Often there is not enough room between compressor or turbine stages to fit pressure or temperature rakes. As an alternative, it is usually possible to attach Pressure and / or Temperature kiels and sensors to the leading edge of stator vanes. Aerodyn can design, manufacture, install and lead-out all necessary hardware. We can also carry out any necessary hardware modifications to the vanes themselves.


Custom Traverse Systems

Aerodyn supply custom traverse systems that can be used to move probes either radially and / or circumferentially in gas turbine engines, rotating machinery and other aerodynamic test rigs. These extremely well engineered devices are designed to withstand the rigors of long test campaigns in harsh environments, when vibration levels and temperature values can be well beyond the operating capabilities of the less-specialized, off-the-shelf alternatives.


Slip Rings

For over 18 years, Aerodyn have been the foremost supplier of high speed, instrumentation grade slip rings for the rotating turbo machinery market. We are also able to design and manufacture adaptive hardware to interface between our slip rings and the customer static casings and rotor. We have experience in the design of environmental enclosures ands cooling systems to maintain a cooled region round the slip ring where the surrounding environment is at elevated temperatures.

The experience gained with such systems means Aerodyn have a lot of experience with designing lead-out and routing solutions for rotating measurements.

If you have a requirement you believe we can assist you with, please contact us, we will be happy to discuss further.


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